How would you describe your Style?

I place a special emphasis on candid imagery, capturing those unguarded, spontaneous moments that truly reflect the essence of an experience. These candid shots are more than just pictures; they’re slices of real life, brimming with genuine emotion and unscripted beauty. By focusing on natural expressions, fleeting glances, and the interplay of emotions that unfold naturally, I create images that resonate with authenticity. This approach allows me to craft a visual narrative that’s not just seen, but felt, inviting viewers to step into the moment and experience the raw, untouched magic of the here and now.


Do you Travel for Destination Wedding and Elopements?


Most of my Elopements are away from my home state of California and are primarily in European Countries. I mostly photograph Iceland Elopements and the Italian Dolomites being a strong second. I have traveled to every continent to document elopements and intimate weddings except one, Antarctica.

A few other places I’ve been to for Elopements are:

  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Morocco
  • Mexico
  • Faroe Islands

How do we Elope?

Eloping can be broken down into 6 simple steps.

Fill out the contact form.

Schedule Consultation

Choose your Package

Sign the Contract and Pay the Retainer

Plan your Adventure Elopement together

Have a blast Eloping.

What are the Pros and Cons of Eloping?

The best choice will always be what feels right for you and your partner, not what others want you to do.


  • Cost Savings: Eloping can be significantly cheaper than a traditional wedding, allowing couples to save money or spend it on other things like a house.
  • Intimacy and Privacy: Eloping is often more intimate and private, ideal for couples who prefer a more personal experience without the pressure of a large audience.
  • Simplicity and Ease: With fewer details to manage, eloping can be less stressful and simpler to plan than a big wedding.
  • Unique and Personalized: Eloping allows for more creativity and personalization, as the couple can choose a location and style that truly reflects their relationship.
  • Adventure and Uniqueness: Many couples choose to elope in unique or exotic locations, making the occasion an adventure and memorable experience.
  • Celebration of Love in its Purest Form: Eloping can be seen as a true celebration of love, free from external pressures or expectations.


  • Disappointment Among Family/Friends: Some family members or friends might feel hurt or left out by the couple’s decision to elope.
  • Missing the Traditional Elements: Couples might later regret missing out on traditional wedding elements like walking down the aisle or a first dance.
  • Fewer Gifts and Financial Contributions: Couples who elope often miss out on the gifts and financial contributions that are typically given at traditional weddings.
  • Potential for Regret: Some couples may later regret not having a larger celebration or feel they missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Less Community Involvement: Traditional weddings often involve the coming together of two families or communities, which is less likely with an elopement.
  • Lesser Recognition of the Event: Without a larger celebration, some couples feel their marriage is less recognized or celebrated by others.

When will we receive our images?

Everyone will receive sneak peeks within 24 hours of completing our session. Your Gallery will be delivered in 6-12 weeks. In most cases, I can get galleries delivered in 6 weeks. If your Elopement or Wedding takes place during a month that has more bookings, then naturally it will be delivered in the later time frame because I deliver galleries in the order in which they were shot. However, I do offer expedited editing of your gallery as an add-on.

Do you also do videos?

Absolutely!! I love crafting cinematic videos or films as I like to call them. I call them films because how I craft my films resembles something you would in the movies. I take a lot of my inspiration from the Cinema and I want your story to be filmed the same way.